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Elbert County is Good for Business!

Known as the "Granite Capital of the World", Elbert County thrives on a solid economic foundation and a strong sense of community pride. We are proud of our heritage, our homes, and our history. Combined with so many forms of recreation available within our community are numerous opportunities for small business and industrial growth.

 The Development Authority of Elbert County, Elberton and Bowman supports economic development efforts of new and expanding businesses through a variety of public finance activities, through the arrangement of construction financing, and through various tax relief and other incentives. Through a Job Tax Credit Program, a "Tier 2" rating for Elbert County designated by the State of Georgia, and the County's Joint Development Authority designation with neighboring counties, businesses can receive tax credits of up to $4,000 per job created (a significant advantage for expanding businesses in Elbert County).

An industrial park well-equipped with underground facilities including water, sewer, electricity, natural gas, and fiber optic cable has over 120 available acres (all within the city limits) offering businesses a prime location for their operations. An abundant supply of water and sewage capacity available to future prospects and expanding businesses provide the essential resources needed for business expansion in our county.

Key transportation avenues are provided through road access, rail, and runways. The town of Elberton is located at a crossroads of Georgia State Highways 72, 17, and 77. Interstate 85 passes 35 miles to the north of Elberton and Interstate 20 passes 50 miles to the south of Elberton (both of whom are linked and accessed by way of Highway 17). Rail lines that pass through Elberton are serviced by Norfolk Southern and CSX.

Patz Field, located two miles southeast of Elberton, has a newly extended 5,005 foot lighted asphalt 75 foot wide runway. With two major metropolitan areas located in proximity to our community (Atlanta- only 100 miles to the west; Greenville, SC- located 70 miles to the northeast), Elberton is perfectly situated to provide convenient access to two large economic business markets.

Education is another key resource offered within our community. A local campus of Athens Technical College, located two miles west of Elberton, equips our local labor force with the skills necessary to compete in several technical capacities. We are proud of our community and hope that you will consider it for your business and family.

And the Best Reason of All...We Want New Business!!
Elbert County is progressive when recruiting new businesses or helping
existing businesses with their expansion efforts.

"We want your business and will work hard for it!"